Approaches to New Product Development: Product Management Scenario 4

Jase Miller
9 min readMar 2, 2021

The Product Management Scenarios Series examines scenarios presented by fellow product practitioners and others interested in the field. The goal is to start a conversation around scenarios — real or imagined.

Read 4 Iterative Practices for Navigating Product Management and Life for essential background on the foundation of my approach.

Scenario 4

What feature would you add to Amazon? Spec it out for Engineering to implement.

Quick summary: I’ve included an example product requirements document within this article, so it’s quite lengthy. Based on some actual research I demonstrate the kind of clarity I consider necessary for a product team to move into the EXECUTE phase of the framework. I’ve split this in two parts—1. Setting the stage, and 2. Product Requirements—feel free to skim either section as desired.

1. Setting the stage

🧐 I’ve used Amazon products regularly for many years. From time to time I think of an idea I wish they would add, but my perspective has changed a lot in the past year on what’s top of list for me.

A year ago I would have proposed Amazon consider adding new functionality to their…



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