Approaches to Pricing: Product Management Scenario 3

Jase Miller
3 min readMar 2, 2021

The Product Management Scenarios Series examines scenarios presented by fellow product practitioners and others interested in the field. The goal is to start a conversation around scenarios — real or imagined.

Read 4 Iterative Practices for Navigating Product Management and Life for essential background on the foundation of my approach.

Scenario 3

Who is the ideal customer for XYZ product?

Any product should have a customer acquisition funnel that identifies levels of engagement that should inform strategic alignment between product, marketing, and sales.

New product development can greatly impact the efforts of marketing and sales at different points of the funnel, and help convert more people into actual customers.

Freemium models, free trials, and feeder products are some common strategies for getting in front of potential customers and moving them down the funnel to becoming a customer. Existing customers can upgrade for more feature functionality or other add-on benefits.

The success of this depends largely on how a product’s value narrative fits a potential customer’s perceived needs and the aspirational story they want to be true. If the product fits their story, or gets them closer to their desired story, it will be valued as a vehicle to help them get there.



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